News & Collaboration Announcements

Toronto, Canada - February 9th, 2024 - The Budtending Bimbo apparel collection, a range of cannabis swag designed by the renowned cannabis influencer, The Budtending Bimbo, officially launched today in Toronto, Canada. This exclusive collection showcases a unique blend of style and cannabis culture, catering to enthusiasts and influencers alike.

About The Collaboration

The collection is proudly made available by The High Flyer, Canada's premier online store for all things cannabis culture and lifestyle, and a part of High Flyer Media. High Flyer Media, known for its collaborations with top Canadian cannabis brands to offer licensed merchandise, extends its support to cannabis influencers through this innovative collection.

"As a key player in the cannabis industry, High Flyer Media recognizes the importance of engaging with cannabis influencers to connect with consumers effectively," said a spokesperson for The High Flyer. "The Budtending Bimbo Cannabis Influencer Apparel collection exemplifies our commitment to promoting unique cannabis-centric fashion and supporting influencers in the industry."

Why The Collaboration Matters

The collaboration between The Budtending Bimbo and The High Flyer represents a significant step towards fostering brand awareness and reaching a wider audience within the cannabis community. By merging fashion with cannabis culture, this collection aims to resonate with individuals seeking a blend of style and advocacy.

For more information and to explore the Budtending Bimbo Cannabis Influencer Apparel collection, visit The High Flyer's online store.