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Toronto, ON, November 2023 – High Flyer Media is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Eastcann Craft LP. Eastcann is a distinguished name in the Canadian cannabis industry. This November, witness the fusion of style and heritage as we unveil swag, shirts, hoodies, and sweaters, all echoing the "Legacy Matters" ethos of Eastcann.


About the Eastcann Swag Collab with High Flyer Media

Our swag collection with Eastcann Craft LP is more than just apparel; it's a statement. The range includes meticulously designed shirts, hoodies, and sweaters, each piece embodying the essence of legacy. The collection from High Flyer Media is an embodiment of quality and craftsmanship, resonating with the values that Eastcann's loyal customers have come to cherish.


Why the Collaboration Matters

This collaboration is a strategic move in a market where cannabis brands struggle with strict regulations. By uniting High Flyer Media's promotional expertise with Eastcann's legacy, we aim to foster brand awareness in a way that transcends traditional marketing. It's about creating a culture that resonates with both recreational consumers and medical patients who value quality and authenticity.


About Eastcann Craft LP

Eastcann Craft LP, based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is celebrated for its dedication to premium quality cannabis, upheld by over 20 years of experience. As a proudly Canadian company utilizing 100% craft practices, they focus on hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cured, hand weighed, and hand packaged products​. Their ethos, "Legacy Matters", reflects their commitment to legacy growers and quality cannabis products, ensuring that every consumer enjoys affordable, high-quality products​.

About High Flyer Media

High Flyer Media, a leader in the Canadian Cannabis Industry marketing scene, specializes in connecting consumers with exceptional cannabis brands. Our shop is a hub for cannabis culture and lifestyle in Canada. Featuring a diverse range of swag from Canadian cannabis brands to items aligning with the broader interests of cannabis consumers. Our mission is to raise brand awareness for our partners, navigating challenges of a tightly regulated market to bring exceptional products and experiences to consumers.

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