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Toronto, ON, November 2023 – High Flyer Media, a trailblazer in the Canadian Cannabis Industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of "The High Flyer" online store, This revolutionary platform is dedicated exclusively to celebrating and promoting 100% Canadian brands, showcasing an exceptional range of licenced cannabis-related swag and cross-cultural products.

About High Flyer Media's “Dopest Store Online”

The High Flyer shop by High Flyer Media debuts with an impressive array of collaborations featuring top Canadian Cannabis brands. These include Eastcann, Hashco, The Legacy Market, Northside Growco, Pinnrz, Rosin Heads, Royal Harvest, Smoker Farms, Triple Eh!, and Woodyz. Each brand brings its unique flair to an extensive collection of swag, ranging from vibrant t-shirts to cozy hoodies and more, all representing the rich diversity of Canada's cannabis culture. Building on this strong foundation, High Flyer Media is actively expanding its portfolio by signing additional, esteemed cannabis brands.

Why the Collaboration Matters

This launch is more than just a marketplace; it's a movement. In a market where cannabis brands face stringent regulations, The High Flyer shop is a beacon of brand awareness. Creating a space where these companies can shine and connect with consumers nationwide. This platform not only showcases branded apparel but also bridges cannabis and broader cultural interests, strengthening the community fabric.

About the Partner Brands

Each brand partner on The High Flyer shop is meticulously chosen for their commitment to quality, innovation, and representation of the Canadian cannabis spirit. From the gritty spirit of Eastcann to the artisanal excellence of Smoker Farms, these brands collectively embody the best of Canada's cannabis industry.

Cross-Cultural Products: Vinyl Records, Coffee and More!

In a celebration of cross-cultural interests, The High Flyer shop proudly features Vinyl Records from Rebel Records, Artisanal Coffee from Kintore Coffee as well as a solid roster of additional vendor partners in the works of being added. These products represent the lifestyle and passions of cannabis consumers, offering an experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of cannabis retail.


About High Flyer Media

High Flyer Media, the visionary behind this initiative, stands as a leading marketing and promotions agency in the Canadian Cannabis Industry. With a mission to amplify brand visibility in a highly regulated market, High Flyer Media has created a hub at "The High Flyer" store, not just for transactions, but for cultural exchange and community building among cannabis enthusiasts across Canada.


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