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TORONTO, November 2023 – High Flyer Media, a leading Canadian marketing and promotions agency in the cannabis industry, is thrilled to announce its latest swag collaboration with the renowned cannabis brand, Royal Harvest. This exclusive collection, featuring premium apparel and unique accessories, is set to redefine cannabis lifestyle fashion in Canada.


About the High Flyer Media Swag Collab with Royal Harvest

The collaboration introduces a range of high-quality swag, including stylish sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. Each item is thoughtfully designed, showcasing the distinctive Royal Harvest logos, symbolizing both brands' commitment to quality and style. These items are more than just apparel; they are a statement of the unique cannabis culture in Canada.


Why the Collaboration Matters

In a market where cannabis brands face stringent regulations, this collaboration serves as a strategic move to enhance brand visibility and awareness. By integrating fashion with cannabis culture, High Flyer Media and Royal Harvest are setting new trends, reaching out to consumers who appreciate both style and substance. This partnership is a testament to innovative marketing in the highly regulated Canadian cannabis industry.


About Royal Harvest

Royal Harvest, operated by Joint Venture Craft Cannabis Inc., has established itself as a significant player in the Canadian cannabis market. Known for its potent, high-quality hybrid strains grown in British Columbia, Royal Harvest has earned a reputation as "Your grower's favourite grower." With their commitment to premium, soil-grown, and LED-light nurtured products, Royal Harvest represents the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation in Canada​.

About High Flyer Media

High Flyer Media, a beacon in the Canadian cannabis industry, specializes in nurturing cannabis brands through innovative marketing and promotional strategies. With a deep understanding of the market's complexities, High Flyer Media bridges the gap between cannabis brands and consumers, fostering a community where cannabis culture thrives.

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