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Toronto, ON, November 2023 – High Flyer Media, a trailblazer in marketing for the Canadian Cannabis Industry, is excited to announce its latest swag collaboration. This November 2023, we are partnering with The Hash Corporation (HashCo), known for their deep-rooted passion for nostalgic hash, to introduce an exclusive line of branded apparel and accessories.


About the Hashco Swag Collaboration with High Flyer Media

Our collaboration features stylish and comfortable sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, and a uniquely designed coffee mug. Each item proudly displays the iconic HashCo badge, symbolizing a blend of traditional hashish craftsmanship and modern standards​.


Why the Collaboration Matters

This partnership is more than just about style; it's a statement. In a market where cannabis brands face significant challenges in standing out due to strict regulations, this collaboration serves as a creative avenue to generate brand awareness. It's a celebration of cannabis culture and a nod to the aficionados who appreciate the artistry behind cannabis products. High Flyer Media is proud to deliver Hashco's brand to Cannabis consumers.


About the Hash Corporation

The Hash Corporation, at its core, is a testament to the art and science of hash making. With a commitment to crafting authentic, traditional hashish experiences, HashCo blends ancient trichome collection methods with modern safety regulations, offering unparalleled access to the finest cannabis resins​. Their dedication to exploring and respecting the cannabis plant's heritage underscores their unique position in the industry.


About High Flyer Media

High Flyer Media stands at the forefront of promoting cannabis culture in Canada. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between cannabis brands and consumers, providing a platform for brands struggling with brand awareness due to regulatory constraints. Our online store is a hub for cannabis culture and lifestyle, featuring a diverse range of products that resonate with cannabis enthusiasts.

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The High Flyer and HashCo swag collection will be available this November on our online store, making it easy for fans across Canada to celebrate their love for cannabis culture in style.

This press release is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embrace the unique blend of tradition and modernity with High Flyer Media and The Hash Corporation.