News & Collaboration Announcements

Toronto, ON, March 2024 – We're excited to share a new chapter with our community. High Flyer Media and Victoria Cannabis Company (VCC) have joined forces in a partnership that redefines the essence of cannabis culture. Together, we're not just crafting merchandise. We're weaving together the fabric of our lifestyles, our passions, and the distinct flavour of Canadian cannabis tradition.


Who is Victoria Cannabis Company?

Victoria Cannabis Company isn't your average cannabis brand. Hailing from the vibrant city of Victoria, British Columbia, VCC has carved out a niche for itself with its commitment to quality, community, and sustainability. What makes VCC stand out is their dedication to producing premium, locally-sourced cannabis products that cater to the discerning tastes of Canadian cannabis consumers.


Setting the Green Standard

So, what sets VCC apart from the rest? It's their innovative approach to cannabis cultivation and product development. VCC prides itself on its artisanal production methods and its commitment to eco-friendly practices. From seed to sale, every product is designed with the consumer and the environment in mind. VCC ensures a guilt-free cannabis experience that doesn’t compromise on quality.


About This Collaboration

High Flyer Media and Victoria Cannabis Company have come together to launch a swag line that embodies the spirit of both brands. This exclusive collection features apparel that's not just stylish but also speaks to the heart of cannabis culture in Canada. Think bold designs, comfy fabrics, and a nod to the laid-back, inclusive vibe that both High Flyer and VCC are known for.


Join the Culture

We’re not just selling swag; we’re inviting you to be a part of a movement. A movement that celebrates the uniqueness of Canadian cannabis culture and the individuals who make it so vibrant. This collaboration is for you, the enthusiasts, the trendsetters, and everyone who believes in what cannabis culture stands for.


Dive-in and Discover

Ready to dive into this fresh blend of culture and fashion? Visit our online store to check out the High Flyer Media x Victoria Cannabis Company collection. Whether you’re looking to make a statement, support local, or simply add to your collection of cannabis culture swag, this collaboration has something for everyone. Embrace the lifestyle, join the community, and let’s make waves together.