Compassionate pricing in the Canadian Cannabis Industry is a vital initiative aimed at making medical cannabis more accessible to patients in need. This pricing strategy is designed to alleviate the financial burden on individuals who require medical cannabis for relief and wellness, particularly those facing financial constraints.

Importance of Compassionate Pricing Programs

Compassion programs play a crucial role in ensuring that medical cannabis remains within reach for patients, including Canadian Veterans, with various medical conditions. These programs offer discounted rates or financial assistance to eligible individuals, making it easier for them to afford the medicine they need for their well-being.

How It Works

In the Canadian Cannabis Industry, these programs typically involve licensed producers offering discounted pricing on medical cannabis products to qualifying patients. These discounts can range from a percentage off the regular price to fixed, reduced rates based on the patient's income level.

Qualifying for Compassionate Pricing

To qualify for compassionate pricing in the Canadian Cannabis Industry, patients often need to meet specific criteria such as demonstrating financial need or being registered under a designated healthcare program. By meeting these requirements, patients can access the medical cannabis they require at more affordable prices.

For those who may not qualify for Compassionate Pricing, some insurance providers offer coverage for medical cannabis as part of their policies.

Compassionate Pricing Providers in Canada

Several licensed producers in Canada offer compassion programs to support patients in need. Companies like Mendo Medical, a High Flyer partner, are known for their commitment to providing discounted medical cannabis products to low-income individuals.

For example, Mendo Medical offers a 10% rebate to qualifying patients on most medical cannabis products.


Compassionate pricing is an approach that ensures medical cannabis remains accessible to patients who rely on it for their health and well-being. By reducing financial barriers, compassionate pricing programs in the Canadian Cannabis Industry demonstrate a commitment to supporting the medical cannabis community and improving patients' quality of life.

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