Welcome to the latest edition of The High Flyer Digital Cannabis Flyer, your go-to source for the latest and greatest in the Canadian cannabis industry. In this edition for May 31st, 2024, we're excited to bring you featured products from Kush Mountain.


Kush Mountain:

Home is where the plants are!

Kush Mountain was founded in 2022 by Tyson Wall and Chad Chisan in their hometown of Prince George, BC. The boys recognized opportunity in the legal market and wanted to join ranks with like-minded growers to level up what was available for the recreational consumer. The road to licensing was filled with unexpected challenges but the KM team refused to let doubt bury their plans.

Kush Mountain was officially licensed in January of 2023. The official journey had begun in 2020, manifested through a decade old dream. Nestled on the banks of the Nechako River is the 20,000 square foot micro-cultivation and processing facility. The team is looking forward to producing high quality craft cannabis for the local, provincial, and eventually global market.


Featured Products

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This includes:

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