Welcome to the latest edition of The High Flyer Digital Cannabis Flyer, your go-to source for the latest and greatest in the Canadian cannabis industry.In this edition for October 27th, 2023, we're excited to bring you a brand showcase of "ArcticPharm". A craft spotlight on "Terp Town". Along with featured products from notable cannabis brands like Veresus, End Game, Foray, Truro, and more.


Brand Showcase: ArcticPharm

Discover ArcticPharm

We’re pioneers of Northern cannabis and proud to bring quality products to the Yukon and across Canada. The wild beauty and extremes of the North is why we’re here and is what brings our customers to try our brand. On top of the mystique of it all, our location provides optimal growing conditions with the long sun and lower humidity and we’re proud to help grow the economy of the North while also providing choices for buying local.

Craft Spotlight: Terp Town

Discover Terp Town

If we won't smoke it, we won't sell it!


Featured Products

In addition to our brand showcase and craft spotlight, we're also featuring a range of products in the digital cannabis flyer from leading cannabis brands. This includes:

  • Versus: When others stop, that’s when we get started. We push ourselves further to give you the best possible cannabis at the best possible prices. No quit. No compromise. No running from the fight.
  • Endgame: We're out here, producing quality extracts for over a decade.
  • Foray: Your experience. Your way. No matter what stage of your cannabis journey you’re on.
  • Five Founders: Aims to delight consumers by offering quality cannabis products and exceptional value.
  • Truro Cannabis:  Is proud of our craft legacy cultivars and traditional processes - we 100% hang dry, hand-trim, slow cure.

Our goal is to connect you with brands and products that might just be the perfect addition to your cannabis journey. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the scene, there's something for everyone in our carefully curated selection.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features in our upcoming digital cannabis flyer editions!