Welcome to the latest edition of The High Flyer Digital Cannabis Flyer, your go-to source for the latest and greatest in the Canadian cannabis industry.In this edition for September 15th, 2023, we're excited to bring you a brand showcase of "Canadian Lumber" and a craft spotlight on "Smoker Farms" along with featured products from notable cannabis brands like like Redecan, Next Friday, Pearls, and more.


Brand Showcase: Canadian Lumber

Discover Canadian Lumber

Canadian Lumber ltd. is a cannabis accessory product brand that provides high quality, all-natural tools for storing, preparing, and consuming smokable products. Their bread and butter is thier natural rolling paper trifecta, The Hippy, The Greens, and The Woods.


Craft Spotlight: Smoker Farms

Discover Smoker Farms

Legacy to Legal
Smoker Farms is located in the naturally unparalleled Kootenay Boundary country of British Columbia. After many years in the legacy cannabis market the husband and wife team behind Smoker Farms wanted to explore a business in the recreational industry once it became legalized.


Featured Products

In addition to our brand showcase and craft spotlight, we're also featuring a range of products in the digital cannabis flyer from leading cannabis brands. This includes:

  • Redecan: Quality Cannabis Starts with How It's Made No shortcuts, no excuses.
  • Next Friday: Established in the Fuckin Streets
  • Pearls: Meet your match. Pearls are infused with premium cannabis extract, then sugar-coated for a bit of extra sweetness.
  • Truss: Cannabis Beverages.  That and only that, it's our thing.
  • Glacier Gold: THE GOLDEN LEGACY. Best known for their award-winning cannabis concentrates.
  • Bzz Box Giveaway: We have Drawn a WINNER!

Our goal is to connect you with brands and products that might just be the perfect addition to your cannabis journey. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the scene, there's something for everyone in our carefully curated selection.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features in our upcoming digital cannabis flyer editions!