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Welcome to another thrilling episode of Legacies, where hosts Tom Ritchie and Wesley Bowles dive deep into the rich tapestry of the cannabis industry, exploring the legends and the latest trends that shape this vibrant space.


Inviting Legends and Industry Experts

This week, Legacies is honored to welcome Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, a pioneer in cannabis extraction and advocacy with over 30 years in the industry. Known for his groundbreaking work in developing the bubble hash technique, Marcus shares his journey from the early days of hemp cultivation to becoming a leading figure in cannabis science and technology.


The Journey of Marcus Richardson

Marcus' story begins in the early '90s, when he first ventured into hemp cultivation. His journey took a significant turn in Manitoba, where he faced numerous challenges, including legal hurdles that shaped his career and philosophy. Throughout the episode, Marcus recounts the evolution of bubble hash, sharing anecdotes from his time in Manitoba, the development of extraction techniques, and his ongoing commitment to innovation.


Intellectual Property and Current Ventures

As an advocate for protecting intellectual property in the cannabis industry, Marcus discusses the importance of patents in safeguarding innovations, particularly in extraction methods. He also gives insights into his current projects, including the expansion of his brand, Legends, into the U.S. market, reflecting the global nature of the cannabis industry today.


Grow Up Conference Insights with Randy Rowe

In addition to the enriching dialogue with Marcus, the episode features an engaging interview with Randy Rowe, CEO and founder of the Grow Up Conferences. Randy shares the origins and growth of the conference, starting from its roots in the Niagara Region to becoming one of the premier cannabis industry events in North America.


Challenges and Structure of Grow Up 2024

Randy discusses the challenges faced while organizing the conference amidst evolving regulations and the impact of the Cannabis Act. He outlines the structure of the 2024 Grow Up Conference, which includes an executive summit, a main conference day filled with exhibitors, educational sessions, and networking opportunities, and concludes with retail tours.

The Role of Conferences in the Cannabis Industry

The interview highlights the critical role of conferences like Grow Up in connecting businesses and fostering a well-informed cannabis community. Randy emphasizes the importance of both positive and negative feedback from event participants, as it guides improvements and helps meet the community's needs more effectively.

Additional Industry Insights

Aside from the interviews, the episode touches on several key industry topics:

  • Ghost Drops Product Knowledge Deck: Discussion on the impact of effective marketing strategies in the cannabis industry.
  • SKU Proliferation: A look at the pros and cons of expanding product lines within the cannabis market, including supply chain challenges.
  • Space Industry Discussion: Speculation on the future of cannabis cultivation in space and the role of private companies like SpaceX.
  • McDonalds Monopoly Game Scandal: A reflection on the impact of promotional strategies in major corporations.


This episode of Legacies not only shares the profound stories and insights from industry veterans like Marcus Richardson and Randy Rowe but also spotlights the significant events and discussions that continue to shape the cannabis industry. As the community looks forward to the 2024 Grow Up Conference, the anticipation for further innovation and connection among cannabis professionals is palpable. Join us next time on Legacies as we continue to explore the dynamic world of cannabis, one episode at a time.

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