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The journey into the world of cannabis cultivation is an exciting and multifaceted one. Join Tom & Wes as they dive into the intricacies of joint rolling, explore the challenges faced by producers, and gain insights from industry experts.


A Stellar Surprise

The episode kicks off with Tom and Wes receiving a package from 1Spliff, containing a massive astronaut-themed LED sign. We're finding a home for this in Wes' space and can't wait to show it off!


Master Class in Rolling

Enter Cody Van Gogh, a joint rolling master who has competed and judged in numerous rolling competitions. Cody is on a mission to teach our hosts the art of proper joint rolling, using oregano or broccoli as substitutes for cannabis, ensuring compliance with content guidelines on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.


The "Plumbing" Technique

Cody introduces the "plumbing" technique, a method that creates an air passage down the center of the joint. This ingenious approach prevents resin buildup and ensures a slower, more even burn. Demonstrating his skills with a specialized raw rolling mat, Cody navigates the intricacies of joint rolling while our hosts struggle with the dry oregano.


Insights from a Cannabis Cultivator

The conversation then shifts gears as Jonathan Wilson of Crystal Cure, a craft cannabis producer in New Brunswick, shares his journey. From his first memorable cannabis experience at age 25, watching the iconic film "Super Troopers" while high, to his decision to use cannabis medically to combat the stress of long hours in the hospitality industry, Jonathan's story is a captivating one.


Living Soil Cultivation and Quality Control

Joining Crystal Cure in 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, Jonathan delves into the company's focus on living soil cultivation and their unwavering commitment to quality and transparency. This approach has earned them a strong brand recognition and high demand for their products in the New Brunswick market. Jonathan credits their curing process, which involves the use of specialized Grove bags, as a key factor in the exceptional quality and consistency of their flower.


Challenges Facing Cannabis Producers

Despite their success, Jonathan highlights the significant challenges faced by licensed cannabis producers, particularly the high excise tax burden. He argues that the tax was based on an unrealistic wholesale price assumption of $10 per gram, making it extremely difficult for smaller producers to remain profitable and survive.

Jonathan expresses disappointment that the recent federal budget did not provide any excise tax relief for the cannabis industry, despite lobbying efforts. He suggests that provincial governments could help by making the path to market easier for producers, such as through initiatives like farm gate sales.


Crystal Cure's 420 Weekend Plans

For the upcoming 420 weekend, Crystal Cure plans to open their farm gate location on a Saturday, a day they typically remain closed. In a bold move to highlight the tax burden, they will cover the excise tax cost for customers, showcasing the impact of these fees on the industry.


Direct-to-Consumer Sales and Farm Gate Model

Jonathan remains optimistic about the potential for their farm gate model and direct-to-consumer sales, although he acknowledges the challenges of operating in a rural location. With the right support and initiatives, the farm gate model could prove to be a game-changer for small producers.


Cannabis Tourism: An Untapped Opportunity

As the conversation draws to a close, the hosts discuss the potential for cannabis tourism in New Brunswick, an opportunity that Jonathan believes has yet to be recognized by the provincial government. With the right approach, cannabis tourism could open new doors for the industry and the region.


Giveaway Announcement

To cap off the episode, Tom & Wes announce an exciting giveaway of a RAW rolling paper bundle on Twitter (X), ensuring that aspiring joint rollers have the tools they need to hone their craft.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it's clear that challenges and opportunities abound. From mastering the art of joint rolling to navigating the complexities of cultivation and taxation, this episode offers a captivating glimpse into the multifaceted world of cannabis production.

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