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Legacies Podcast Episode 5

Join Tom and Wes in this enlightening episode of the Legacies podcast, straight from the buzz of Cannexpo weekend! This week, we're rolling into the news that's lighting up the industry and sharing an exclusive chat with Genevive Newton, the mastermind and Director of Cultivation at Stewart Farms. Discover how Genevieve grew to become one of Canada's top cannabis growers and hear the heartfelt story of how cannabis saved her life. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just curious about the leafy culture, Genevieve's journey and insights are bound to captivate and inspire. Don't miss out on this high-spirited episode that's rooted in passion, legacy, and the transformative power of cannabis.

A Glimpse Inside the World of Canadian Cannabis: Insights from the Can Expo and Beyond

The bustling energy and whirlwind of activities at the Can Expo event have left an indelible mark on the world of Canadian cannabis, stirring discussions, innovations, and most notably, an unparalleled excitement for what lies ahead. Tom Ritchie and Wesley, our connoisseurs of cannabis and hosts for the day, embarked on a journey through this event, sharing their invaluable experiences and insights with eager listeners, including a noteworthy encounter with Genevieve Newton, the visionary Director of Cultivation at Stewart Farms.


The Electric Atmosphere of Cannexpo

The Cannexpo event was nothing short of a spectacle, bringing together the brightest minds and the most innovative brands in the Canadian cannabis industry. Among the sea of participants, Tom and Wes navigated through, meeting with brand partners, and experiencing firsthand the dynamism that the event exuded. Despite the apparent challenges some brands faced, the overall energy remained high, underscoring the resilience and enthusiasm driving the industry forward.

Their interactions with representatives from Next Friday, VCC, and TLM stood out, showcasing the diversity and creativity thriving within the sector. Wesley’s fondness for a VCC pre-roll became a highlight of their adventure, capturing the essence of discovery and pleasure that such events offer.


Delving into Health Canada's Regulatory Stance

The duo didn’t shy away from the more technical aspects impacting the industry, notably discussing Health Canada's recent regulatory recommendations. The decision against increasing the THC limit for edibles sparked an engaging conversation on the distinctions between THC absorption via edibles versus inhalation. The hosts adeptly dissected the complex science behind THC's potency and metabolic process, providing a deep dive into why edibles offer a potentially more intense experience due to their metabolic pathway.


Meeting Genevieve Newton: A Journey of Growth and Discovery

The introduction of Genevieve Newton, the Director of Cultivation at Stewart Farms, opened a new chapter filled with personal anecdotes, scientific exploration, and a glimpse into the heart of the cannabis cultivation world. Genevieve’s journey from utilizing cannabis for health issues to pioneering innovations at Stewart Farms encapsulates the transformative power of cannabis, both personally and professionally.

Faced with the challenges as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, Genevieve's resilience and determination shone through. Her early experiences with home cultivation laid the groundwork for her eventual role at Stewart Farms, where she was welcomed by COO Catrina Jackson and co-founder Tanner. Together, they have cultivated a family-oriented culture centered around innovation, particularly in the realm of topicals and bath bombs.


The Revolutionary Science Behind THC Bath Bombs

Genevieve provided fascinating insights into the science of high-THC bath bombs, a standout product developed by Stewart Farms. She detailed the process of transdermal absorption, which offers a unique and potentially more potent experience compared to traditional consumption methods. This innovative approach to cannabis products exemplifies Stewart Farms’ commitment to pushing the boundaries and exploring new territories.

Their foray into medical topicals has met with resounding success, garnering positive feedback from customers who have experienced tangible benefits. This success is a testament to the meticulous research and development efforts behind their product line.


Breeding Excellence: The "Daily Grape" Strain and Beyond

The cultivation and development of new strains remain at the heart of Stewart Farms' mission, with the "Daily Grape" strain standing as a prime example of their dedication to quality and innovation. Genevieve’s extensive phenotype hunting to select the best expression of this strain revealed its unique aroma, potency, and ease of cultivation, setting a new standard in the industry.


Championing the "By Weed from Women" Movement

Genevieve also touched upon the "By Weed from Women" movement, emphasizing the challenges women face in the cannabis industry and encouraging more to get involved. Her call to action for women, especially those of a similar age, to explore opportunities within this burgeoning industry speaks volumes about her commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.


Envisioning the Future of Stewart Farms

Looking ahead, Stewart Farms is set to focus on expansion, particularly in the export markets, as they seek investment to enhance their cultivation capabilities further. Genevieve’s excitement about the company's future prospects resonates with a sense of optimism and the promise of continued growth and innovation.


In closing, the Cannexpo event and our enriching conversation with Genevieve Newton have painted a vivid picture of the Canadian cannabis landscape. From discussions on regulatory frameworks to breakthroughs in product development and heartfelt advocacy for women in the industry, the journey through this vibrant world is filled with passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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As we continue to navigate through the world of Canadian cannabis, the stories, insights, and innovations shared by industry pioneers like Genevieve Newton and our dedicated hosts Tom Ritchie and Wes Bowlers serve as beacons of inspiration, driving us toward a future where cannabis is not only appreciated for its multitude of benefits but also celebrated for its ability to connect and empower communities.

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