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It’s not every day you get to delve into the rich, storied history of one of the most iconic regions in the cannabis industry. Known for its lush landscapes and pioneering spirit, Kootenay, BC, has been at the heart of the craft cannabis movement for decades. From its origins with draft dodgers in the 70s to the revered status it holds today, Kootenay’s Finest continues to set the bar high for quality and authenticity. Let's explore the journey of Kevin McBride, a legend in the field, and his unwavering commitment to premium organic cannabis.


The Origins of Kootenay’s Cannabis Culture

Kootenay, BC, didn’t just stumble upon its cannabis fame; it was molded into it. The legacy began in the late 60s and early 70s when draft dodgers from the Vietnam War sought refuge in the remote, idyllic landscapes of Kootenay. These pioneers brought with them knowledge and seeds from California, blending them with strains from India to create the first generation of Kootenay cannabis.

Kevin McBride, a second-generation cannabis grower, recalls the early days vividly. Climbing mountains with bags of soil, hiding under logs from helicopters, and navigating through RCMP’s stringent “Green Teams” were just part of the journey. This resilience and passion are what shaped the high standards we associate with BC Bud today.


The Intersection of Historical and Modern Craft

Kevin’s journey from a legacy grower to a licensed producer was driven by the desire to move away from the shadows and into the light of regulated cannabis production. Tiring of the constant lookout for law enforcement, Kevin and his partners took a calculated risk. They raised capital, navigated the intricate licensing process, and built a state-of-the-art facility, focusing on organic, living soil methodologies.


What is Living Soil and Why It Matters

Organic living soil is more than just a growing medium; it’s a holistic approach to cannabis cultivation. Free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, the living soil is enriched with organic amendments like worm castings and seaweed. This method fosters a thriving ecosystem of microorganisms that naturally nourish the plants, resulting in richer terpene profiles and more potent cannabinoids.

Despite the early skepticism from Health Canada regarding living soils, Kevin’s unwavering commitment paid off. Today, Kootenay’s Finest produces some of the most sought-after strains with terpene contents that skyrocket up to 4.5%, a testament to the efficacy of organic living soil.


Bridging the Gap Between Legacy and Legal

Kevin’s transition wasn’t just about growing premium cannabis; it was about maintaining the authentic legacy of Kootenay while navigating the modern requirements of regulated markets. By founding Antidote Processing, Kevin ensured that other small-scale legacy farmers could also make the leap. Antidote provides services like packaging, marketing, and distribution, allowing farmers to focus on what they do best—growing exceptional cannabis.


Current and Upcoming Cultivars

Right now, Kootenay’s Finest offers standout strains such as Monkey Business (Grease Monkey cross), Zippo Plants (Skittles Purple Punch cross), and Purple Syrup (a flavorful blend of grape and strawberry). Exciting upcoming releases include Platinum Skywalker and Purple Platinum, promising unique terpene profiles and potent effects, perfect for both daytime and evening use.


Collaboration and Global Reach

Kootenay’s Finest isn't just a Canadian treasure; its reach extends globally. With products now available in Australia’s medical market and plans for Germany and Israel, the world is getting a taste of BC Bud. Kevin emphasizes the importance of spreading the love for organic, craft cannabis, and he’s just getting started.



Kevin McBride and Kootenay’s Finest represent everything that makes the cannabis community resilient, innovative, and passionate. From overcoming clandestine operations to becoming a beacon of craft quality, this legacy brand continues to shape the industry’s future. As we inch closer to summer, what better way to celebrate than by supporting quality cannabis and repping your favorite brand with licensed swag from The High Flyer? Join us in honoring the legacy and future of cannabis craft!