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In this electrifying episode of Legacies Podcast, hosts Tom and Wes sit down with the trailblazing Kevin Varner from Royal Harvest, nestled in the lush landscapes of British Columbia. Journey with us as Kevin shares his riveting legacy, tracing his roots from the early days in Nova Scotia to his flourishing business in BC. But that's just the beginning! We're diving deep into the essence of "craft" following Kush Mountain Craft's intriguing post, exploring the nuances that set craft apart. Plus, don't miss our spirited discussion on the new Ghost Busters Movie – it's a conversation you won't want to miss!

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From Seeds to Success: The Kevin Varner Story and the Rise of Royal Harvest

In an industry rich with stories of innovation, perseverance, and transformation, Kevin Varner's journey through the cannabis market stands as a testament to passion and resilience. As the founder of Royal Harvest, a brand that has become synonymous with quality and care in the cannabis space, Varner's narrative is not just about business. It's a powerful account of personal growth, societal contribution, and the cultivation of an ethos that defines true craftsmanship in cannabis production. We dive into Varner's experiences, from his roots in Nova Scotia to the establishment of Royal Harvest, and his ambitious vision for the future of the cannabis industry.


Cultivating Passion: Beginnings of a Cannabis Entrepreneur

Raised in a community where cannabis was not just accepted but embraced, Kevin Varner's initiation into the world of cannabis cultivation began at an early age. In the nurturing environment of Nova Scotia, Varner honed his skills, assisting in the grows of his friends' parents, learning the intricacies of cultivation firsthand. This early exposure not just facilitated a deep understanding of the botanical aspect of cannabis but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the plant's potential—socially, medically, and economically.


Navigating Challenges: The Darker Side of Cannabis in Nova Scotia

Despite the communal acceptance of cannabis, Varner's journey was not devoid of turbulence. The illicit nature of the cannabis trade during his early years in Nova Scotia exposed him to the darker facets of the industry—violence and crime. These hardships propelled Varner to seek a safer, more structured environment, leading him to Alberta and eventually British Columbia. This relocation marked the beginning of Varner's transition from the legacy market to a vision of a legal, regulated industry.


The Road to Legitimacy: Trials and Tribulations

Transitioning to the legal cannabis market was fraught with challenges. Varner recounts the betrayal by a business partner and the struggles of navigating poor-quality genetics. This phase of his career highlights the critical importance of due diligence and the value of trust and integrity in business partnerships. Despite these adversities, Varner's resolve only strengthened, solidifying his commitment to building a successful brand that stands on the pillars of quality and social responsibility.


Royal Harvest: A Beacon of Innovation and Social Consciousness

At the heart of Varner's ethos lies Royal Harvest, a brand that embodies his passion for the cannabis industry and his ambition to contribute positively to society. Varner's plans for Royal Harvest are expansive, including the introduction of new products like pre-rolls and an emphasis on growing the brand's genetics library. However, his vision extends beyond business growth. Varner is deeply committed to using his success to benefit the community, with plans to establish greenhouses in low-income areas to provide access to fresh produce.


Defining Craft Cannabis: Passion, Attention to Detail, and Dedication

According to Varner, the essence of "craft" cannabis is not determined by the scale of the operation but by the grower's dedication, attention to detail, and passion. This philosophy is a cornerstone of Royal Harvest, shaping every decision from cultivation to customer interaction. Varner believes that embodying these values is crucial for success in the cannabis industry, regardless of the size of the operation.


Facing Legacy Market Challenges: Adaptation and Evolution

Legacy cannabis operators like Varner face numerous hurdles in adapting to the legal market, from navigating complex regulations to addressing taxation issues. Varner's insights into these challenges shed light on the need for the industry to evolve in a way that supports both consumers and producers. The path forward, as Varner suggests, requires adaptation, innovation, and a commitment to quality and integrity.


The Future of Cannabis: Vision and Adaptation

As the legal landscape of the cannabis industry continues to shift, Varner's story is a beacon for legacy operators and newcomers alike. His journey, marked by persistence, innovation, and a profound respect for the plant, offers invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Varner's vision for Royal Harvest and the industry at large emphasizes the importance of quality, social responsibility, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Conclusion: A Legacy of Passion and Purpose

Kevin Varner's journey from a young cultivator in Nova Scotia to the founder of Royal Harvest is a profound narrative of resilience, passion, and vision. Through the trials and triumphs, Varner has remained committed to not just succeeding in the cannabis industry but doing so in a manner that uplifts communities and sets new standards of excellence. As Royal Harvest continues to grow, its roots are firmly planted in the principles of craft cannabis—where dedication, attention to detail, and passion bloom into success.

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