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In a powerful episode, Tom Richie and Wesley sit down with Todd Neault, the visionary founder of the cannabis brand Rosin Heads. Throughout their discussion, Todd's story unfolds, revealing his path from a teenager with social anxiety to a leader in the cannabis industry. His tale is one of passion, innovation, and the constant pursuit of excellence in cannabis edibles.

Early Years: From Personal Use to Passionate Growth

Todd's journey into cannabis began during his teenage years when he discovered the plant's therapeutic effects on his social anxiety. This newfound relief led him to start growing his own cannabis plants. Driven by curiosity and a passion for the plant, Todd experimented with various strains and cultivation techniques. His interest soon expanded into the world of cannabis concentrates, particularly hash, and other forms of purification, igniting a lifelong fascination.


The Birth of a Business: From Edible to Cana Chocolatier

By the early 2010s, Todd's passion had evolved into a business venture. He aimed to create superior-tasting cannabis edibles that surpassed the market's offerings. This goal materialized in 2014 with the founding of his first brand, "Edible Edibles." His quest for excellence and quality was apparent even then.

Todd's exposure to entrepreneurship deepened during his time working at a private equity firm. Inspired by the successful entrepreneurs around him, he ventured into creating Cana Chocolatier in 2017. Here, Todd focused on crafting high-quality, infused chocolates. Committed to mastery, he even took a chocolate-making class to perfect the art of tempering chocolate, a skill that became central to Cana Chocolatier's success. The brand's reputation soared, culminating in its sale to HEXO Corp in 2019.


Rising from Success: The Birth of Rosin Heads

After a fruitful stint with HEXO, Todd stepped away to pursue a new venture, leading to the creation of Rosin Heads. The name, inspired by a conversation about making "rosin chocolate," signified Todd's commitment to premium, full-spectrum cannabis edibles. Unlike many competitors using distillate, Rosin Heads products are crafted with rosin, ensuring a richer, more authentic cannabis experience.


Challenges and Triumphs: Battling for Brand Recognition

Despite the quality and unique appeal of Rosin Heads' products, Todd faces the ongoing challenge of gaining visibility. Competing against larger, well-funded brands, Rosin Heads strives for recognition in a crowded market. Todd's success in listing his products with provincial retailers attests to their quality and his relentless dedication. Yet, the uphill battle for recognition remains.


Innovation and Quality: A Strategy for Growth

Innovation and quality control are cornerstones of Todd's approach to product development. As Rosin Heads scales up, Todd is committed to maintaining focus and ensuring every product upholds their high standards. His plans to streamline the product lineup reflect a strategic approach to growth, ensuring that Rosin Heads continues to introduce innovative, high-quality offerings that meet consumer expectations.



Todd Neault's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to quality in the cannabis industry. From his early days of personal use to founding multiple successful brands, Todd's story inspires and motivates. As the cannabis market continues to evolve, Rosin Heads stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence in edibles.

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