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The world of cannabis-infused beverages is expanding rapidly, with various brands introducing different flavors, formulations, and cannabis derivatives. One brand that distinctly stands out in this crowded marketplace is Sheesh Soda, known for its unique approach using full-spectrum cannabis extracts, especially hash rosin. Tom & Wes recently had an enlightening conversation with Matt, the visionary behind Sheesh, and here's what makes Sheesh Sodas not just another cannabis drink on the shelf, but a thoughtfully crafted experience.


The Birth of Sheesh

The genesis of Sheesh Soda is rooted in a passion for both cannabis and high-quality beverages. Unlike many cannabis beverages that use distillate, Sheesh opts for full-spectrum hash rosin—a decision that significantly influences the flavor and the overall experience of the soda. According to Matt, using hash rosin not only maintains the integrity of the cannabis plant’s profile—preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids—but also enhances the beverage's flavor, making each sip a delightful experience.


Why Full-Spectrum Cannabis?

Full-spectrum cannabis extracts maintain all the natural compounds of the cannabis plant, which include cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical elements. This composition is crucial as it allows for the entourage effect, where all the components synergistically work together to enhance the overall effects.

Matt explains that most cannabis drinks in the market utilize distillate, which essentially strips away most of the plant's natural profiles except for THC. This method might simplify the production process but at the cost of losing the essence of the plant. Sheesh’s choice of using hash rosin ensures that the drink retains the nuanced flavors and effects of cannabis, aligning with the brand's philosophy of offering an authentic and superior cannabis experience.


The Flavor Journey

Sheesh’s approach to flavor is as meticulous as its cannabis selection. When developing a new flavor, the team doesn't just consider popular tastes but dives deep into the cannabis strains to ensure the drink complements the specific terpene profiles. For instance, their Black Cherry Cola flavor isn’t just a random choice. It's designed to match the terpene profile of the cannabis strain used, making the flavor not just enjoyable but a coherent part of the cannabis experience.


The Consumer Experience

One of the most striking aspects that set Sheesh apart is the consumer’s sensory experience. From the moment you open a can of Sheesh Soda, the aroma hints at the complexity and richness of the drink. The mouthfeel, often described as velvety, accentuates this experience, making it not just about enjoying a beverage but appreciating the craftsmanship behind it.


Community and Feedback

Sheesh values community feedback and continuously engages with its consumers through innovative ways, like their "Pot Line," where customers can leave voice messages sharing their thoughts or experiences. This direct line of communication not only strengthens community ties but also provides invaluable insights that help Sheesh refine its products.



Sheesh Soda exemplifies how passion, innovation, and respect for the cannabis plant can create a product that stands out in the burgeoning cannabis beverage industry. By choosing full-spectrum hash rosin and focusing on complementing flavors, Sheesh offers a cannabis beverage that’s not just about consumption but about experiencing the depth and breadth of what cannabis has to offer. So, next time you reach for a cannabis-infused drink, consider what’s behind the label—because with Sheesh, it’s a whole lot of passion and thoughtful craftsmanship.

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