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Legacies Podcast Episode 6

Join Tom and Wes on this riveting episode of Legacies podcast! Today, we've got an exclusive chat with Gavin Delainey, the pioneering Co-Founder and Head of Cultivation at Next Friday. Get an insider's view on how Next Friday is revolutionizing the industry, transitioning from the shadows of legacy to the spotlight of legality. We'll also stir the pot on the latest buzz – is the future leaning towards edibles over flower? Brands like Lord Jones and Vacay are setting the stage, but what does this mean for traditional flower?

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The Inspirational Journey of Next Friday: Pioneering Success in the Cannabis Industry

In an enlightening podcast episode filled with inspiration and passion for the green revolution, Tom Richie and Wes engage in a deep dive conversation with Gavin Delaney, the visionary co-founder of the celebrated cannabis brand Next Friday. This dialogue sheds light on the intricate tapestry of challenges, innovations, and visions that have shaped Next Friday from its humble beginnings to its aspirations on the global stage. For Canadian cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs, this narrative is not just a story of a brand but a beacon of what dedication, innovation, and perseverance in the cannabis industry can achieve.


The Inception: A Serendipitous Meeting

The story of Next Friday began in an unexpected setting, the aftermath of the Downtown Defrost event in Edmonton. Here, Gavin Delaney, who was livening up the crowd with his DJing, crossed paths with Sam Knight. Amid the vibrant energy and tunes, they discovered a shared passion for cannabis. This serendipity led them down the entrepreneurial path, deciding to venture together into the world of cannabis cultivation. Their journey commenced in the "Purple Palace," a humble basement grow operation that marked the first chapter of their groundbreaking adventure.


Expansion and Innovations: From the Purple Palace to the Farm

Emboldened by their initial success and driven by an unwavering ambition, Gavin and Sam expanded their operation to a more expansive facility outside Edmonton, affectionately termed "the farm." During this pivotal era, they embraced innovation, thanks to the invaluable insights brought back by Gavin's friend Lane from California. Lane had worked closely with a group known as the Trinity, frontrunners in the field of cannabis extraction and processing. This knowledge transfer included techniques for creating THC diamonds, a pivotal moment that led to the birth of their brand, Astro Gardens.

Astro Gardens quickly made its mark, clinching second place at the prestigious Okanagan Cannabis Cup. This accolade was not just a testament to their product's quality but also a stepping stone that led them to partner with a larger cultivation operation in British Columbia. Achieving vertical integration, Next Friday was poised to revolutionize the market with their fresh frozen live resin products.


Navigating the Regulatory Maze

The journey of Next Friday, however, was not without its set of complex hurdles, chief among them being the stringent regulatory framework governing Canada's legal cannabis market. Gavin delved into the arduous challenges related to excise taxes, intricate packaging, and labeling requirements that they had to meticulously navigate. Moreover, the looming shadow of the illicit market added another layer of competition, pushing Next Friday to strategize effectively to maintain their foothold in the industry.

In an era where brand identity can make or break a business, Gavin emphasized their relentless focus on building a robust brand persona coupled with a dedicated customer base. This strategy was underpinned by their unwavering control over the entire supply chain and production process, ensuring consistency and quality that their clientele could trust.


Eyes on the Horizon: International Expansion

With their roots deepened in Canadian soil, Next Friday's gaze is now set on international markets. Gavin shared exciting plans for expansion, with the brand securing the necessary certifications to make waves in Portugal, Australia, Israel, and Germany. He conveyed confidence in the advantage Canadian cannabis companies possess, thanks to the stringent standards they adhere to domestically, which sets a benchmark in the global arena.


The Essence of Success: Beyond the Green Glamour

Dispelling the myths of a "glamorous lifestyle" often associated with the cannabis industry, Gavin underscored the sheer hard work, sacrifice, and hands-on involvement necessary to foster a successful cannabis enterprise. Both he and Sam remain deeply ingrained in every aspect of Next Friday, from marketing to sales, ensuring that their vision and values resonate in every product they offer. It's this relentless dedication and passion for innovation that has propelled Next Friday into the spotlight, making it a revered name among Canadian cannabis consumers.


In Closing: A Question for the Future

As the discussion drew to a close, Gavin left the audience and the next guest with a poignant question that strikes at the heart of every entrepreneur in the cannabis domain: What keeps you motivated and optimistic amidst the labyrinth of challenges facing the industry? This question not only reflects the enduring spirit of perseverance but also opens up a dialogue on the collective ambition and vision that can drive the cannabis industry forward.

The journey of Next Friday, as narrated by Gavin Delaney, is a compelling saga of ambition, innovation, and resilience. It's a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets perseverance, serving as an inspirational blueprint for current and aspiring players in the cannabis industry. This narrative not only captures the essence of Next Friday but also mirrors the broader struggles and triumphs of the Canadian cannabis sector, poised to leave an indelible mark on the global stage.

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