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Tom Ritchie and Wesley Boles, hosts of the Legacy podcast, recently sat down with Grant Caton, co-founder of Lite Label, to discuss the ever-evolving cannabis industry. From the early chaotic days of legalization to the creation of a brand focused on low-THC products, Grant's insights provide a compelling narrative for both cannabis enthusiasts and industry professionals.


Grant Caton's Early Days in the Cannabis Industry

Grant's journey began at Canopy Growth Corporation, just before Canada legalized cannabis. He reminisced about those tumultuous early days where companies were improvising and adapting to a rapidly changing landscape filled with regulatory hurdles, supply chain disruptions, and public scrutiny. Despite these challenges, Grant's passion for the industry only grew stronger.


The Birth of Lite Label: Filling a Market Gap

Lite Label was born from a necessity Grant identified during his tenure at Canopy. The market was saturated with high-THC products, but there was a significant void for consumers seeking a more balanced experience. Lite Label aims to provide cannabis enthusiasts with low-THC options that offer a functional and social high without an overpowering psychoactive effect.


Marketing and Distribution Challenges

Starting a smaller brand like Lite Label comes with its own set of obstacles. Instead of pouring resources into aggressive marketing campaigns or extensive data analytics, Lite Label relies heavily on word-of-mouth and organic growth. Building relationships with retailers and gathering customer feedback have been pivotal in shaping their strategy.

Grant emphasized the importance of understanding consumer needs. Lite Label primarily engages with its audience through authentic interactions and genuine connections, rather than inundating them with traditional advertising.


The Future of Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Products

The conversation veered into the potential of non-psychoactive cannabis products, particularly CBD-dominant strains. Grant drew parallels between the cannabis and beverage alcohol industries, noting a trend towards lighter, functional products. These products are increasingly appealing to a broader demographic looking for health-conscious options.


Legalization and Consumer Behavior

Answering a question posed by previous guest Amy Brown, Grant discussed the broader impact of legalization on cannabis use. The initial years mainly saw existing consumers transition to the legal market, but Grant believes the future holds promise for attracting new users who had previously been hesitant. This shift could potentially lead to a more inclusive and diverse consumer base.


Closing Insights and A Future Question

Before wrapping up, Grant posed a thoughtful question for the next guest: "What is your best business and personal advice?" This recurring theme on the podcast offers a rich repository of wisdom from various industry experts.

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