High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: Iqaluit Impressions Art Print

High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: Iqaluit Impressions Art Print


"Iqaluit Impressions" presents a captivating scene of Iqaluit, the heart of Nunavut, through a lens that marries the warmth of Art Deco with the coolness of the Arctic. This art print showcases the capital's skyline in a stylistic blend that pays homage to the classic contours of early 20th-century design, imbued with the unique character of the Canadian North.

The art print cityscape is punctuated by the sharp angles of modern buildings and the historical lines of traditional structures, all set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the tundra's mountainous silhouette. The harbour, alive with boats, reflects Iqaluit's rich maritime heritage and its vital role as a northern hub.

Striking layers of dusky orange, deep blues, and creams in the sky suggest the lingering light of a midnight sun, casting a serene glow over the city. The art print’s bold stripes and sweeping curves evoke the dynamic beauty of Iqaluit's landscapes and the enduring spirit of its people.

The poster comes in three sizes:

  • 12x18
  • 16x24
  • 24x36


"Iqaluit Impressions" is an exquisite art print for collectors drawn to the distinctive fusion of history and locality, or for those who are enchanted by the remote beauty of the Arctic capital. Available exclusively at The High Flyer store, this print is a testament to the stark and stunning vistas of Iqaluit, rendered in the timeless aesthetic of Art Deco. It's an artistic celebration of a city where the coldness of the climate is in stark contrast to the warmth of its community.

Material: 210gsm (9mil) premium paper stock with smooth satin finish
Each poster features a white 0.5cm border with a small barcode

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