High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: Moncton Momentum Art Print

High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: Moncton Momentum Art Print


"Moncton Momentum" is a visually stunning representation of Moncton’s urban landscape, articulated through the distinctive lens of Mid-Century Modern design. This art print marries the historical charm of Moncton with a retro-futuristic perspective, showcasing a city that's both deeply rooted in tradition and boldly moving towards the future.

Set against a backdrop of concentric circles that evoke the radiance of the sun, the composition features Moncton's notable buildings reaching upwards, symbolizing growth and aspiration. The art print is imbued with a palette of warm beiges, soothing blues, and rich browns, echoing the earthy tones of Moncton's natural scenery juxtaposed with the coolness of its waterways.

The clean, stylized lines and geometric shapes in this art print pay homage to the simplicity and functional aesthetics of the Mid-Century Modern era, while the layering of colours and forms adds a dynamic sense of movement to the static cityscape. This interplay of colour and shape creates a sense of depth, suggesting the layers of history and culture that make Moncton unique.

The poster comes in three sizes:

  • 12x18
  • 16x24
  • 24x36


"Moncton Momentum" is the perfect art print for those who admire the fusion of historical depth with modernist design principles, or for anyone seeking to capture the essence of Moncton’s evolving skyline. Available exclusively at The High Flyer store, this premium print is a statement of quality and design, offering a window into the heart of a city that's both classic and contemporary. Add this piece to your collection to celebrate the enduring spirit and forward thrust of Moncton.

Material: 210gsm (9mil) premium paper stock with smooth satin finish
Each poster features a white 0.5cm border with a small barcode

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