High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: Montreal Mirage Art Print

High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: Montreal Mirage Art Print


Embark on a visual journey through the vibrant heart of Quebec with "Montreal Mirage," a captivating art print that encapsulates the essence of Montreal in a Mid-Century Modern design. This piece offers a dreamlike vista of the city’s famed skyline, reimagined through the nostalgic lens of this celebrated design era.

Amid the soft glow of a sunlit sky, the iconic features of Montreal stand resplendent. From the soaring heights of modern skyscrapers to the scenic beauty of the waterfront, each element is stylized with the clean lines and geometric forms characteristic of Mid-Century Modern aesthetics. The art print is bathed in a palette of warm autumnal hues, cool blues, and creamy whites, invoking the natural splendour and architectural elegance of Montreal.

The Ferris wheel and geodesic dome add playful touches of whimsy and innovation, celebrating the city's blend of historical richness and contemporary flair. The serene waters of the Saint Lawrence River, dotted with boats and reflected light, add a layer of tranquility to the bustling cityscape to this art print.

The poster comes in three sizes:

  • 12x18
  • 16x24
  • 24x36


"Montreal Mirage" is a perfect homage for those who cherish Montreal’s unique cultural tapestry and the timeless allure of Mid-Century Modern design. Offered exclusively at The High Flyer store, this premium quality art print is a testament to Montreal's enduring charm and a sophisticated addition to any space seeking a blend of urban sophistication and artistic nostalgia. Add this piece to your collection to evoke the serene yet dynamic spirit of Montreal.

Material: 210gsm (9mil) premium paper stock with smooth satin finish
Each poster features a white 0.5cm border with a small barcode

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