High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: St. John's Splendour Art Print

High Flyer's MCM Cityscape: St. John's Splendour Art Print


"St. John's Splendor" is an art print ode to the storied city of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, envisioned through the timeless perspective of Mid-Century Modern design. This striking artwork captures the unique vibrancy and architectural eclecticism of one of the oldest cities in North America.

The art print features the iconic, colourful row houses that climb the hills of St. John's, setting a whimsical foundation for the historic spires of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist that rise with grace and grandeur. The city's backdrop is a panorama of rolling hills and the expansive, ice-strewn waters that hint at the region's rugged maritime heritage.

A sky adorned with gentle clouds and soft light beams creates a stunning canvas of pastel blues and warm oranges, evoking the serene yet spirited atmosphere of the city. The harmonious interplay of color and form is a hallmark of Mid-Century Modern art print, and it beautifully encapsulates the essence of St. John's—where tradition melds with a lively, contemporary pulse.

The poster comes in three sizes:

  • 12x18
  • 16x24
  • 24x36


"St. John's Splendour" is a must-have for those enchanted by the charm of Newfoundland or the distinctive allure of Mid-Century Modern aesthetics. Available exclusively at The High Flyer store, this premium quality art print brings the spirit of St. John's into any space, celebrating its picturesque scenery and architectural beauty with a modern twist. It is a tribute to a city where the warmth of its community is as striking as its vivid cityscape.

Material: 210gsm (9mil) premium paper stock with smooth satin finish
Each poster features a white 0.5cm border with a small barcode

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