Collective Soul - Collective Soul Vinyl Record

Collective Soul - Collective Soul Vinyl Record


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Dive into the world of rock with the iconic "Collective Soul" vinyl record. This LP, brought to you by Rebel Records, is a must-have for any music enthusiast. Its rich sound and classic tunes capture the essence of the '90s rock scene.

The album features hit tracks that defined a generation. Songs like "Shine" and "December" deliver powerful lyrics and catchy melodies. It's more than just music; it's a journey back in time. This vinyl record is perfect for both new fans and long-time followers of Collective Soul.

Produced with high-quality vinyl, this record offers an unmatched auditory experience. Its crisp and clear sound quality brings out the best in every note. Whether you're a vinyl collector or a rock music lover, this album is a great addition to your collection.

Experience the nostalgia and timeless sound of Collective Soul. It's available now at The High Flyer shop. Don't miss out on owning a piece of rock history. This vinyl record is easy to play and a joy to listen to, capturing the band's signature style.

Rebel Records ensures every LP meets the highest standards. This means durable, top-notch vinyl record for endless replays. It's the perfect gift for music fans or a treat for yourself. Order your copy today and relive the magic of Collective Soul on vinyl!

1 Simple
2 Untitled
3 The World I Know
4 Smashing Young Man
5 December
6 Where the River Flows
7 Gel
8 She Gathers Rain
9 When the Water Falls
10 Collection of Goods
11 Bleed
12 Reunion

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