Our Lady Peace - Collected Vinyl Record

Our Lady Peace - Collected Vinyl Record


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Dive into the timeless sound of Our Lady Peace with the exclusive "Collected" Vinyl LP, proudly presented by Rebel Records. This collector's gem captures the essence of the band's iconic tunes, bringing a piece of music history right to your turntable.

Starting with the cover, the artwork of "Collected" reflects the band's unique artistry, making it a visual treat for fans. As you slide the vinyl out, the distinct aroma of the record conjures a sense of nostalgia, transporting you to the golden era of music.

Each track on this LP has been meticulously mastered, ensuring that every note resonates with clarity and warmth. Whether it's the soul-stirring lyrics or the vibrant harmonies, "Collected" offers an immersive listening experience. It's more than just an album; it's a journey through Our Lady Peace's musical landscape.

Designed for enthusiasts and new listeners alike, this LP is easy to play and compatible with most record players. It's a perfect addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift for a vinyl lover. Plus, being distributed by Rebel Records, you're guaranteed quality and authenticity.

In addition to its auditory excellence, owning this record supports the rich heritage of vinyl culture. It's a celebration of sound, art, and history rolled into one.

Embrace the timeless beauty of vinyl with "Our Lady Peace - Collected." Order now from The High Flyer Shop and add a classic to your collection!

Disc: 1
1 Starseed
2 Naveed
3 Superman's Dead
4 Clumsy
5 4am

Disc: 2
1 Thief
2 One Man Army
3 Is Anybody Home?
4 In Repair
5 Life

Disc: 3
1 Somewhere Out There
2 Innocent
3 Angels/Losing/Sleep
4 Heavyweight
5 Julia - Our Lady Peace feat. Sarah Slean

Disc: 4
1 Drop Me in the Water
2 Ballad of a Poet
3 Stop Making Stupid People Famous - Our Lady Peace feat. Pussy Riot
4 Run
5 Tomorrow Never Knows

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