Rival Sons - Pressure & Time Vinyl Record

Rival Sons - Pressure & Time Vinyl Record


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Immerse yourself in the riveting sound of "Rival Sons - Pressure & Time," a must-have vinyl record for classic rock enthusiasts. This exclusive edition, brought to you by Rebel Records, promises an authentic auditory journey.

Begin with the title track, "Pressure & Time," setting the tone for a high-energy experience. Each song in this collection resonates with Rival Sons' signature style. The band's raw, unfiltered sound, coupled with engaging lyrics, makes this vinyl record a prized possession.

This LP is not just about music; it’s a tribute to classic rock's golden era. From the crisp sound quality to the iconic album cover, it’s designed for both seasoned vinyl record collectors and new enthusiasts. Its presence in your collection is a nod to your excellent taste in music.

"Pressure & Time" isn't just an album; it’s a journey through rhythms and stories. It's perfect for a relaxing evening or as the backdrop to your gatherings. Owning this vinyl record means owning a piece of rock history.

Crafted with care, this record promises durability and top-notch audio fidelity. Rebel Records ensures each vinyl offers the rich, full-bodied sound vinyl lovers crave.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Rival Sons or exploring rock classics, this LP is a perfect choice. Enhance your vinyl collection with "Pressure & Time," available exclusively at High Flyer shop. A classic awaits your turntable.

1 All Over the Road
2 Young Love
3 Pressure and Time
4 Only One
5 Get Mine
6 Burn Down Los Angeles
7 Save Me
8 Gypsy Heart
9 White Noise
10 Face of Light

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