The Mighty Decaf Coffee

The Mighty Decaf Coffee


Discover the essence of Canadian mornings with 'The Mighty Decaf' by Kintore. This premium coffee, available in both ground and whole bean options, brings the rich, aromatic flavors of Canada right to your cup.

Sourced from the finest beans, 'The Mighty Decaf' promises a robust experience without the caffeine rush. Perfect for those who enjoy the taste of coffee but prefer a caffeine-free lifestyle. Each sip is a journey through Canada's lush coffee landscapes.

'The Mighty Decaf' is more than just coffee; it's a daily ritual. Whether you're starting your day or taking a well-deserved break, it's your perfect companion. It's easy to brew and even easier to love.

Kintore Coffee, a proud Canadian brand, ensures every bag meets the highest standards of quality and freshness. Choose your style - ground for convenience or whole bean for that fresh, just-ground flavor.

Now available at High Flyer shop, 'The Mighty Decaf' is a celebration of Canadian craftsmanship and culture. Indulge in the rich, smooth taste of Kintore's finest, and make every coffee moment a remarkable one.

Join us in this caffeine-free adventure, and embrace the bold yet soothing flavors of 'The Mighty Decaf.'

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